Our cars has been an extension to our everyday lives already. Most of us already treat them as a family just like our very own dogs. We do take good care of them, bath them from time to time and it may sound ridiculous but yes, we struggle ones our baby gets sick they are our main source of transportation.

img_index02Understanding Vehicle Recycling

It is the dismantling of vehicles for spare parts. At the end of their useful life, vehicles have value as a source of spare parts and this has created a vehicle dismantling industry. There are various names for it’s business outlets such as wrecking yard, auto dismantling yard, car spare parts supplier and auto or vehicle recycling.
Research says that nearly 12 million vehicles reach the end of their use each year in just the United States alone. These automobiles can still have a purpose by giving back the metal and other recyclable materials that are contained in them.


The process of recycling a vehicle is extremely complicated as there are many parts to be recycled and many hazardous materials to be remove. The process begins as follows:
– Incoming vehicles being inventoried for parts.
– wheels and tires, battery and catalytic converter are removed.
– Fluids, such as engine coolant, oil, transmission fluid, air conditioning refrigerant, and gasoline, are drained and removed.
– hazardous materials such as mercury, and sodium azide (the propellant used in air bags) may also be removed.

After all of the parts are removed, the remaining shell of the vehicle is sometimes subject to further processing, which includes the removal of air conditioner evaporator and its heater core, as well as its wiring harnesses. Usually, the remaining shell is crushed flat or cubed. Glass, plastic and rubber are removed from the mix, and the metal is sold by multiple tons to steel mills for recycling.


– Saves energy and natural resources.
– Recycling metal also uses about 74 percent less energy than making metal.
– Mercury can be recycled before the vehicles are shredded to prevent it from escaping into the environment.

Wrecking Cars for Recycling is the way toward reusing a vehicle is, to a great degree, muddled as there are numerous parts to be reused and numerous risky materials to expel. Quickly, the procedure starts with approaching vehicles being stocked for parts.

The parts that can be fixed and recycled are sometimes sold individually (this includes the headlights, windshields, etc.), while the unusable parts, such as the scrap metal, are sold to scrap metal processors.