Cash for Car Removals in Melbourne

The automobile industry in Melbourne in large and successful, with a great number of citizens being car owners. However, this also means that there are plenty of old and unused cars scattered around different parts of the city. There comes a point when your car is no longer capable of running is far too damaged to be recovered and fixed. If your car is among them, then you need our car removals Melbourne services.

We are known for being the most reliable car removals company in Melbourne. If you need to get rid of your scrap car, then our quick, efficient, and no-cost services are the way to go.

Cash for Car Removals Melbourne guarantees that your vehicle will get properly removed without you having to do all the work.

We deal any make & model of Cars

We at Cash for Car Removals Melbourne buys and removes all vehicles within the city and the surrounding neighborhoods. We purchase cars, vans, trucks, 4wds and other types of automobiles. Our car removal experts have handled Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, and Japanese vehicles.

When your car reaches the end of its life-cycle, or when it has been damaged beyond repair, the best way to deal with the situation is to simply have it removed.

There are a lot of car removal companies in Melbourne, but not all of them are willing to pay for cash for your old car. Even if they did, some companies will not give you a fair price offer. Cash for Car Removals Melbourne uses the latest computer software that completely analyzes the condition of your car, determining its value. This allows us to give you an accurate, fair, and free price quote.

Cash for Cars Pays Up To $7,999

Many car owners see their old vehicles as nothing but garbage that has little or no value at all. We don’t. Cash for Car Removals Melbourne is willing to give you up to $7,999 in cash! If your vehicle is no longer capable of running or if it has been physically or mechanically destroyed, you can still turn it into money. It may no longer be utilized as a functional vehicle, but you can use the money to buy other things or you may even add it to your savings that could allow you to purchase a brand new car instead.

If you choose to store your unwanted junk car in your garage, you are not only wasting valuable space, you are also missing on the opportunity to earn cash. We pride ourselves for being the top paying car removal company in Melbourne.

We take in American, European, Japanese, Korean, and other cars made in various countries. Moreover, aside from removing old vehicles, we also pay good cash for spare car parts.

We Offer Free Car Removals In Melbourne

Some Melbourne car removals companies may charge you huge amounts of cash for the removal and storage of your scrap vehicle. We do the exact opposite. Instead of asking you to pay, we will be the ones to give you cash for your old cars.

No need to worry about hiring a different towing company or paying for car repairs, we will have our own towing equipment and we will buy your car no matter how damaged it may be. You can literally do everything from your couch, no need to do any type of leg or paperwork!

Choose Cash For Car Removals

Why should you choose Cash for Car Removals Melbourne? Well, not only do we offer the best free car removal services in the area, we are also known for offering the highest appraisal for your old cars. Compared to our competitors, our company ensures that your scrap, old, and junk car gets you the amount of money that you deserve.

We are the best car removal company in Melbourne because we know that your time is valuable and we would rather not waste it by asking you to do any laggard processes. We will do all the paperwork for you, all you have to do is provide us all the necessary details regarding your vehicle and we’ll handle things for you.

Aside from that, our car removal Melbourne team are real professionals that offer the friendliest service. Our entire staff share the passion of helping the environment by thoroughly assessing each vehicle, making sure that all reusable parts are recycled and the remaining scraps gets disposed of in a proper manner.

We Offer Cash For Commercial Vehicles

Businessmen and entrepreneurs, specifically those who use commercial vehicles for business reasons, are bound to end up having non-functional cars someday. Some commercial cars may have been so old that they have already reached their life-cycles, others are no longer allowed to receive vehicle roadworthy certificates, while some may have been severely damaged — no matter what the reason may be, you will eventually find the need to get rid of your commercial car.

Our company also buys trucks, business vans, 4wds, and other old vehicles used by your company or business. Simply call our Cash for Car Removals hotline at by calling 03 9108 1090.

How to Avail of Our Free Cash For Car Removal Services

If you live anywhere in and around Melbourne and have finally decide to avail of our free cash for car removals services, all you have to do is follow the quick and easy steps below.

  1. Get a free price quote – to get a free price quote, call 03 9108 1090 and speak to our professional and friendly car removal experts. Give us the details regarding your old car — such as its make (ex: Ford, BMW, Japanese, Mitsubishi, etc.), its model, its age, its running condition, and the issues that it has. Our agents will provide you with a free and accurate price quote that determines the value of your car.
  2. Tell us your location – If you agree with the price quote, tell our car removal agent the location of your old vehicle, and schedule a convenient date and time. If you want, we can even go to your location on the same day.
  3. Get your car removed – Once that’s done, all you have to do is wait for our car removal Melbourne team to come to your location. If your car is no longer running, we will be bringing our tow truck along with us. Our team will take your old car to our junk yard and you will get your cash on the spot.

Getting cash for your old car is that easy! So call us today and earn as much as $7,999.


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I sold my car for this company for cash i took rate from different places but Cash for car removal give me highest rate……..Fantastic deal i really happy
Alex Thoms
I was worry about my car it was going my headache then i make a call for cash for car removals and they get ride me the tension and pick my car with same day and they gave me amazing price
Riley Logan
My car which was broke from the front and one of my friend Deny told my about this car removals company and I sold my car to they solve my problem and gave me good cash right away of my use car
George Edwerd