We all agree to the fact everybody is not an expert in the art of negotiation. It is a skill we have to use at several places in our routine especially while buying bigger items like cars. When you visit any shop the salespersons are quite experienced and start trapping you with their sales pitch. If you are not a good negotiator you can easily agree to all their numbers and later realize you could have got a better deal.

So, here we have discussed a few points on how you can improve your negotiating skills especially while buying a car and save some money.

Get all the knowledge before your visit

The first step for negotiation is to have all the information about what you are going to buy. If you will visit any dealer completely blank then obviously you have to believe in all the information and prices provided by the salesman.

So, to save yourself from such a situation first gather all the information about the cars you are considering buying like their market prices, different models, any flaws and resale values. All this information will help you not to rely on everything said by the salesman. Secondly, once you visit the dealer don’t mention what exactly you are looking for and how much are you willing to pay for it because these can become your weaker points.

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How to negotiate?

There is another trick to negotiate if you don’t have to buy the car on an urgent basis. Just let the salesperson and sales manager know your target budget and tell them politely you will only sign the papers when you get the target figure. Don’t accept any counter-offers and just give them your phone number and leave. If there would be a possibility to accept the offer they will call you back.

Follow up on the weekends or last days of the month

Follow up on your requests with the sales manager or salesperson on the weekends before closing time. There is a possibility they might accept your offer to close one more deal before the end of the day especially if they are having a bad weekend.

Car dealers are under pressure to close maximum deals within a month. Trying at the end of the month can also make sense you might get the deal if they haven’t met their monthly targets. Even some suggest buying cars in the month of September as car dealers are desperate to sell out the older car models as new models launch in the New Year.

 Shop around to get the best offers

Some people just do the research online and make up their minds which is not enough. They don’t want to invest much time in visiting multiple car dealers which is a big mistake. If you want to get a good deal try to invest time and effort not just online but to actually visit dealers and see the cars. Visit different car dealers and compare the offers and prices this will help you in negotiating.

Another important point is to always schedule a test drive before finalizing any car. Don’t always rely on paper mentioning car features and conditions you will find out its original performance only once you drive it. This will help you in analyzing what offer you should make.

Don’t feel guilty to walk away

At the end of the day buying a car is a business and if you are not satisfied with the deal you are getting don’t be shy to walk away. Some dealers don’t care much about their customers and don’t cooperate enough to accept your fair offer it is better not to deal with them. Find another dealer who can provide you exactly what you want and also make you happy.

It is a normal experience for many people to feel scared or uncomfortable when they have to negotiate for buying the car. But you can avoid this by learning from these tips and be more prepared next time when you walk into any car dealer place. There is a possibility you might become an expert in negotiation and get your dream car at an awesome price.